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Moulding Of Clay Bricks

SBK Bricks Manufacturer & Whole Seller in Ludhiana

Manufacturing bricks is not at all an easy task. It involves a lot of steps where sometimes you can take the help of the latest technologies and machines whereas, almost all of the work is done by the labor. We at SBK bricks are one of the biggest and Best Bricks Manufacturer Near Ludhiana and we have the most experienced and professional labor in our team. The process at our manufacturing unit starts from the arrival of the clay stock which is then turned into the mixture of clay for the bricks. After which, the steps like the moulding of the clay bricks is done.
Once the bricks are molded and sun-dried then they are Fired with imported USA High GCV Coal.


All of these steps not only require labor and machines but also a huge space at the manufacturing unit. SBK Bricks has a huge space to conduct all the steps of bricks manufacturing easily and also, has enough labor to manufacture bricks in huge quantities. We are the most popular and trusted Bricks Manufacturers Near Sahnewal and Lohara and we deal with builders across Ludhiana and Nearby Areas. We specialize in manufacturing bricks that help you enjoy the optimum performance. Now, reach out to us and get the best bricks at your leisure.

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